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Poppit Campers Limited About Us  

With over 20 years experience as a design engineer for leading Aerospace and Automotive companies, director at Poppit Campers Limited, Steve; knows how to build a quality product with exacting needs, on time and within budget. 

“Our family have always had Campers, Caravans or Motor Homes, so it only seemed a natural progression..."

Our family members have always had campers, caravans or motor homes, for as long as we remember! So it seemed only a natural progression to use our skills and expertise to build a quality camper to suit the customer's needs.

There are so many conversions on the market offering a ready built package which will always lead to some compromises, as everyone has different needs and uses for their van, what we are offering is for the customer to come and talk to us and let us build something that they will be happy with for years to come.

Sometimes we do have our van conversions ready built to drive away! But even these can be tweaked in some instances to provide you with the best design to you.

Each of our bespoke conversions are first drawn up on top level CAD (Computer Aided Design) systems. This allows us to show you exactly what the layout of the van will look like in full 3D before you commit to your conversion, ensuring your happiness and reassurance that we can provide what you want.

Once a design is settled upon, the data can be sent to each of our CAM (Computer Aided Manufacture) machines to get that top quality finish you're after. Using these systems gives us the edge of over many other small companies in providing crisp lines, curves & total flexibility in our designs.

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